Become a Battlebeamz Partner

Enhance your business

Laser tag is fast becoming the go to activity for all kinds of events.  When partnering with Battlebeamz, we offer a significant discount on our services when you agree to host a Battlebeamz event at least once a week for four hours of playtime (max 3 days a week @ 4hr of playtime a day).

You must have your own insured venue/space to qualify for partnership.

Try us on for size

Want to do a test run?  Not sure if your venue will attract enough players to support your ROI?  We’ll be happy to come give a demostration where you and your staff can try out a game of Battlebeamz on us.

After you give it a try we think you’ll quickly realize the potential of bringing Battlebeamz to your business on a regular basis.  Remember, the more nights you book, the more earning potential you have.  This isn’t the laser tag you’re used to.