Game Types

Battle Royale Live (Beta)

Coming soon.  Battlebeamz will be bringing the first live action battle royale gaming experience to the New England area.  Finally we’ll be able to recreate the games like Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.  More details coming soon.


Free for All

No teams, no backup.  This is everyone for themselves, friendy fire is on.  Last person standing wins

Red vs Blue

Choose your team and your individual perk wisely.  Need a med kit or body armor?  Or maybe go on the offensive with a grenade launcher or extended mags.


AKA Zombie Mode.  Choose your team, the infected or humans.  Get tagged by an infected and you join the horde.  Tag an infected and they are out the game, no respawns.


A class based game where three factions battle it out for Supremacy!  Choose your faction: The Resistance, Nexus, or Vanguard.  Each faction has 3 unique classes (offense, support, and  tank) with unique names.

Choose your Perk

Applicable to Deathmatch only.

Grenade Launcher

Tag an opposing team member and their headset will trigger a simulated explosion tagging anyone nearby (includes 5 grenades)


Heal your allies with your Medkits (10 included).  NOTE: You must be in melee range to heal someone.

Body Armor

Makes it more difficult to tag you out.  This perk grants your additional tags simulating body armor.  It will be active for the duration of the match.

Extended Mags

Increases the amount of ammo you can carry. Shoot longer before reloading.  This perk will be active for the duration of the match.

Concussion Grenade

Like the genade launcher but when tagged your opponent will be stunned for 6 seconds.  They will be able to shoot but with decreased accuracy.  (includes 10 grenades).

Choose your weapon

Available in Deathmatch, Free for all, and Survial

MG7 Machine Gun

  • Fully Automatic
  • 75 shots per magazine
  • 6 tags = 1 life

M4 Rifle

  • Fully Automatic
  • 36 shots per magazine
  • 8 tags = 1 life


  • 3 shot burst
  • 26 shots per magazine
  • 6 tags = 1 life

TAC-87 Shotgun

  • Single Shot
  • 8 shots per load (pull reload and hold to load multiple rounds)
  • 3 tags = 1 life

SR100 Sniper

  • Single shot, bolt action (reload after every shot)
  • 3 shots per magazine
  • 2 tags = 1 life


Choose your Faction!  Every class type has a unique weapon and perk.

The Resistance

  • Military style weapons
  • Good for team tactics
  • Mid to short range style of play


  • Energy beam weapons
  • Shield that regenerate / low health
  • Explode on death
  • Agressive midrange tactics


  • Exotic Weapons inflict various types of damage (poison, freeze,fire)
  • Solo tactics
  • Best at long range

Resistance Class types

Soldier (Offense)

  • Automatic Rifile
  • Shotgun
  • Switch weapons with secondary button

Medic (Support)

  • Automatic SMG
  • Medigel Pulse
  • Aim at ally and hit secondary button to heal teammates

Heavy (Tank)

  • Heavy Machine gun
  • Rally ability (boost attack power of nearby allies)
  • Hit secondary button to rally allies close to you

Nexus Class types

Maurader (Offense)

  • Energy Rifle
  • Adrenaline packs (boost your rate of fire)

Gaurdian (Support)

  • Charge Rifile (hold trigger to charge shot)
  • Shield regenerator (fire at allies to restore shields)

Sentinal (Tank)

  • Energy Gatling gun
  • EMP blast (stuns group enemies)

Vanguard Class types

Viper (Offense)

  • Poison Burst Rifile (can deal poison damage)
  • Poison Grenades (Poison a group of enemies)

Technician (Support)

  • Incindiary Rifle (can set enemies on fire)
  • Medigel rounds (use these to heal teammates)

Wraith (Tank)

  • Cryo Rifle
  • Frost Grenades (slows enemy’s attack speed)